Collared Carpetshark (Parascyllium collare)


Being members of the order Orcetolobiformes, there are seven species in the family Parascylliiidae, broken up into two genus- Parascyllium which is lacking barbels on its throat and is an Australian endemic. Cirrhoscyllium found in deep water from Vietnam to Japan and has pairs of cartilage based barbels on its neck.

This species C. collare is from Southen Queensland to Victoria, they have been reported from 20 to 175 meters in depth. Attaining a length of up to 86 cm. It can be distinguished from other Parascyllium species by its sharp brown collar that covers its gills, large spots and short nasal barbs, with a brownish/yellow dorsal side . It oviparous, laying elongated egg cases with short and narrow tendrils.
This species readily accepts muscles, scallops, shrimp and a variety of marine fish in captivity.